Frequently Asked Questions

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Every day, we answer different questions about the general services we provide and the messages we send. Our customer service answers these questions quickly and professionally. The frequently asked questions can be found below. For all other questions, please contact the customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I receive a letter from coeo Incasso?

The reason you received a reminder from coeo Incasso is because you probably have not settled an invoice with a company or organisation that deployed coeo Incasso to collect this unsettled invoice. It is important to contact us as soon as possible to discuss further possibilities.

How can I pay my unsettled invoice?

You have different possibilities to make a payment:

  • Log in at My coeo to make a direct payment via iDeal. You can log in with the file number stated in our letter, email or text message, and your postal code.
  • Make a direct payment via the iDeal link that you received in your mail or by text message from coeo Incasso.
  • It is also possible to make a manual payment via e-banking. You can transfer the unsettled amount to the following banking account: NL84 RABO 0144 6600 75, attn coeo Incasso, stating your file number.

You can also request a payment arrangement or contact us with further questions.

Can I pay by acceptance giro?

No, that is not possible. Please see the answer to: “How can I pay my unsettled invoice? to see how you can make a payment.

The amount in the reminder is higher than the original amount I had to pay. Is that right?

Yes, that is right. When a collection agency processes the unsettled invoice, the original main sum / invoice amount is multiplied with the legal collection costs, based on the Wet Incasso Kosten (WIK (Collection Costs Act)). You can check the WIK rates.

I cannot pay the entire amount at once. Can I make a payment arrangement?

Yes, you can. If you cannot pay the entire unsettled amount at once, you can request a payment arrangement in different ways.

  • You can log in at My coeo to request a payment arrangement.
  • You can call the phone number in your letter/mail or text message. You will be directed to the right department.
  • You can also call our general phone number 010 414 54 44 to request a payment arrangement.

Arrange things now and don’t wait too long before contacting us. We are here to help you solve your payment arrears.

Where can I see what the unsettled debt is at the moment?

Log in to My coeo to see your current unsettled debt. Use your file number (stated in your mail, letter or text message) and your postal code to log in.

You can also call the phone number in your mail, letter or text message from us. You will then be directed to our collection staff, who can help you.

I already paid coeo Incasso’s customer, what do I do?

You can file an objection via My coeo. You choose the option “I already paid the invoice” and submit the proof of payment. You can also mail the proof of payment to the following mail address: [email protected].

I am not the right recipient of the unsettled invoice, what should I do?

Maybe the letter is meant for the previous inhabitants of your address or a different/wrong address has been indicated by the relevant customer. If you receive letters from a collection agency that are not yours, we kindly request you to contact us. Our collection department will change the address and look for the right address data of the relevant customer.

What happens if I don’t pay the collection agency’s reminder?

If you do not pay the unsettled main sum, irrespective of the reason, there is a possibility legal proceedings will be started. A bailiff presents you with a summons, which informs you of the unsettled main sum, which is increased with the legal collection costs.

What can I do if I cannot get out of debt without any help?

Do you no longer have control over your finances and you cannot work things out yourself? We would love to help you get going again and be sympathetic to your concerns, should you need it. At our website, you can find more information about problematic debts and different debt relief institutions.

How can coeo Incasso help me with my debt(s)?

Do you have several debts and are you unable to solve them? Please contact our office. Our staff can tell you what to do and what agencies to contact for your particular situation. We would love to help you.

coeo Incasso is a mediator between you and your creditor(s). Our trained and experienced staff are there to help. In difficult situations, we are often able to find a solution that suits you. We do so by checking the cause of your payment arrears, by discussing matters with you and by acting in correspondence with the NVI (Nederlandse Vereniging van Gecertificeerde Incasso-ondernemingen) standards and rules.

I disagree with the collection file, how can I file an objection?

If you disagree with the collection file or the reasons of the unsettled invoice, you can file an objection. You can only do so by completing the objection form via My coeo.

I already paid the unsettled invoice to coeo Incasso, but I still receive a payment request. What should I do?

Your payment possibly took place when we sent the reminder. However, if you keep receiving letters or messages after some time, you can contact us by calling 010 414 54 44.

What happens if I don’t pay the unsettled amount completely?

If you do not pay the unsettled invoice, irrespective of the reason, there is a possibility legal proceedings will be started. The bailiff we deploy, presents you with a summons, which informs you of the unsettled invoice, of which the main sum is increased with the legal collection costs.

I have a complaint. How do I file it?

It could occur that you are not satisfied with the provided services and/or way CIB acts. If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We do our best to keep improving our services. We have a complaints procedure in accordance with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Incasso-Ondernemingen (NVI)’s code of conduct.

You can file your complaint by completing the complaints form. You will receive a confirmation of your complaint within five workdays after receipt of your complaint, and you will receive a meaningful response to your complaint within fifteen workdays.

Who is coeo Incasso?

coeo Incasso is a collection agency based in Rotterdam. We work for companies and organisations in all industries. Have you received a message from coeo Incasso or have we called you? The chance is big that you haven’t paid one or more invoices from our customer(s).

coeo Incasso supports companies to take care of debtor management and a good collection course. We are aware that collection of an unsettled invoice is a process at which the client of our customer has to know why coeo Incasso approaches him or her. At coeo Incasso, we strive for the best possible way to reach, inform and help these clients during the collection process. In our online portal called My coeo, we do everything we can to help you in a clear, easy and quick way.

Where did coeo Incasso get my address?

When the unsettled invoice is passed on to collection to coeo Incasso, we receive all relevant address and personal details from the customer to be able to contact you about the unsettled main sum. Furthermore, we can also start an investigation to receive the right data and information via data enrichment.

How do I know if my message from coeo Incasso is real?

It could occur that you received a letter, email or SMS from coeo Incasso. The reason you received a reminder is because you probably have not settled an invoice with a company. This company deployed coeo Incasso to collect the unsettled invoice. To make sure you received a real message from us, you can visit our website to see what it looks like.

What is “My coeo”?

With our online portal, called My coeo, you can easily and safely log in, make an iDeal payment, request a payment arrangement, file an objection, view financial details and ask questions.

How can I contact coeo Incasso?

You can call 010 – 414 54 44 or you can send an email to

What are the customer service’ opening hours?

Our customer service is opened at the following days and hours:

In which countries is coeo Incasso located?

coeo has its own offices in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. In doing so, coeo works together with qualified local offices within Europe.

Netherlands office: Wilhelminakade 159, Rotterdam

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010 – 414 54 44