Received a message for another recipient?

It could occur that a message from coeo Incasso ends up at an incorrect person or incorrect place. Together, we can easily solve this.

Have you received a letter, mail or text message from coeo Incasso that was not meant for you? That is not our intention, of course. It can have different causes, for one:

  • The last inhabitant has not informed us of a (correct) change of address;
  • Someone else placed an order and indicated your address;
  • Someone else placed an order and indicated your contact details;
  • The address is connected to the stated recipient in our search engine.

Whatever the reason may be, we can imagine it is very inconvenient to receive a message or mail from someone else. Luckily, this can be solved. Please contact us to solve the matter as quickly as possible. Our customer service can immediately implement the changes in our systems.

Data wrong? Please let us know!

It is very important that the recipient (the person we wanted to send our message to) receives it in good state. Our letters, mails and text messages contain important and personal information. Therefore, we kindly request you to always inform us of any incorrect address and contact details as soon as possible, so we can adjust things and reach the right person.

Have you received a payment request but you don’t know what it is for?

You can check this by logging in to our online portal, My coeo. By logging in with your postal code and file number – which we state in your letter or mail – you can view your complete collection file and check your data.

Do you have questions about the received reminder or our general services? Our customer service answers them quickly and with skill. Please contact us via our virtual assistant Virle (bottom right), My coeo, by phone or by email. The frequently asked questions can also be found at our website.