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  • Publication date: 31-08-2022
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Cash payment via Paysafecash is now also possible at coeo Incasso

coeo has recently started offering Paysafecash as an alternative payment method. Paysafecash is the perfect cash payment solution that allows you to settle your outstanding claim easily and securely with cash, without entering credit card or bank account details or revealing sensible financial details.

Payments are made by generating a barcode during online checkout, which can then be scanned and paid in cash at a payment store nearby.

The addition of this payment method gives you the option to pay with cash, without having to come to the coeo office. If you prefer to pay without the intervention of a bank, you can easily pay in your own neighborhood. With Paysafecash you do not have to worry about online fraud or misuse of personal data. In short: A safe and easy way to pay your outstanding invoice.

How does it work?
You select the Paysafecash payment method in the self-service portal of coeo (My coeo). Then retrieve your barcode from your Paysafecash account and save it by sending it by email or SMS, uploading the barcode to your mobile wallet or printing it. With that barcode (which is valid for 72 hours) you can then go to the nearest payment location. The cashier will scan the barcode, after which you can complete the payment in cash and receive a payment confirmation.

The growing number of Paysafecash payment stores provides even more convenience. Thanks to the cash payment method, the payment confirmation is immediately passed on to coeo and its client, so that you can immediately use the service or product again.