Complaints and tips

At coeo Incasso, we continuously strive for improvement of our services. Have you got a complaint or tip about the way we work? We appreciate it when you would let us know.

Have you got a complaint or tip?

Have you contacted us or have you got a tip or complaint about the way we work? We appreciate it when you would let us know. The quickest way to submit complaints is by using the complaints form below, at our website. It is also possible to send your complaint by mail (attn Complaints Management Department).

coeo Incasso has a complaints procedure in accordance with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Incasso-Ondernemingen (NVI)’s code of conduct and the rules of the Quality of Debt Collection Services Act.

Please note!
Our office cannot process complaints forms in which you indicate a fake email or postal address. We have to remove these. The form below is only meant for complaints or tips with regard to the way coeo Incasso works. If you want to file an objection against a reminder you received or the unsettled invoice, please complete the objection form in My coeo.

Response to your complaint

coeo Incasso will send you a conformation within 2 workdays after receipt of your complaint. In this confirmation, we indicate you will receive a meaningful response within 15 workdays. You will receive a written message if these 15 workdays are not feasible.

Complaint form

    *You will find your file number (consisting of 8 digits) in the letter or email you received from us.


    Not satisfied with the way your complaint is processed?

    If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint, we are sorry to hear that. After receiving our written response to your complaint, please report your comments to the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid). The Kifid handles complaints in line with the Quality in Debt Collection Services Act (Wki), the Incassokeurmerk and the Code of Conduct of the Dutch Association of Collection Agencies (NVI). You can find the Kifid complaint regulations here.


    At coeo Incasso, we always want to talk to you. We can talk by phone via 010 – 41 45 444, by email ia [email protected] or the contactform on our website.

    How we deal with your data

    When you complete a form at our website, you should know we keep some personal data. Our Privacy Policy shows you what you should know about what we do with this data.